Zeff France Alto Saxophone

ZEFF ZAS-500 is an alto saxophone designed for both beginners and intermediate players. It strikes a balance between quality craftsmanship and affordability.Crafted by Zeff Musical Instruments, a French company known for its woodwind and brass instruments, the sax aims to provide a delightful playing experience.

KSh 55,000.00


Key Features:

      • Material: The saxophone body is made of brass, which ensures durability and resonance.
      • Finish: It features a silver plated finish, adding to its visual appeal.
      • Tone Holes and Pads: The saxophone has precisely placed tone holes and comes with leather pads, contributing to accurate intonation and ease of play.
      • Keywork: The keywork is designed for comfort, allowing players to navigate the keys smoothly.
      • Accessories: The sax package typically includes a case, mouthpiece, reeds, cleaning kit, cork grease, and a neck strap.
      • Sound and Playability The sax produces a warm and expressive tone. Its sound is well-balanced across registers.The ergonomic design ensures that beginners can handle it comfortably, while more experienced players appreciate its responsiveness.